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Since our founding, St. Thomas More has proudly enrolled international students. Our international students continue to be an important part of the diverse community at STM, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to classroom discussions and student life. 

Prior to enrollment, we will consider students’ English proficiency test scores for placement in our highly successful ESL Program.

For students with limited English proficiency, we have a proven introductory ESL I Course. This course aims to build the skills necessary for students to succeed in mainstream classes. Once core skills have been mastered, students can move to our ESL II Course, which focuses on providing students with advanced reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

Applying as an International Student

Learn more about our application requirements, process, deadlines today.

Step 1: Request information

To learn more about St. Thomas More, complete our online inquiry form. Then you’ll be able to schedule a call with the Office of Admissions.

Step 1: Begin the app

You’ll apply to STM via our online application. We also accept many common applications, such as the Standard Application Online (SAO) or the TABS Boarding Schools Admissions Application Form.

STEP 3: SChedule your visit

The best way to learn about our program and way of life is to partake on a campus tour. Please call us at 860-823-3861 or email to schedule a visit. This step is not required, but recommended.

Additional Offerings for International Students

In addition to our core curriculum, we have several offerings that make St. Thomas More the perfect place for international students to realize their potential and achieve more academically and personally.


Specific course offerings may vary, but typically include AP Mico and Macro Economics, AP US Government, AP Calculus, College-Prep Physics, and College-Prep Chemistry.


The perfect program for students interested in experiencing a fun American summer while gaining skills that will put them in a better position to succeed when school starts in the fall.


We offer an unparalleled level of individualized support, which is especially useful during the adjustment period. Personalized attention is given to each student, and extra help sessions and support programs are available.


Reach Your Goals at St. Thomas More School

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