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Mission Statement: We motivate, support, and educate students who aspire to reach their potential.

Vision: Students are empowered to achieve more — academically, athletically, and personally — as they prepare for their future.

St. Thomas More School (STM) is an NEASC accredited college preparatory school for young men and women who have demonstrated intellectual ability and are aspiring to reach their potential. Within the caring and structured environment of an exclusive boarding school, we strive to motivate, nurture, and strengthen the intellectual, moral, physical, academic, athletic, and social development of our diverse population of domestic and international students.

STM was founded in 1962 and the school's commitment to instilling a sense of integrity, knowledge, self-discipline, and a strong work ethic into its student body has never wavered. Preparing students with these skills and teaching them how to achieve their goals while living in a diverse environment will allow them to continue to find success in their future. As our school crest states, "Per Aspera Ad Astra," which defines the STM way of life, through hard work to the stars. While we have historically been an all-boys academy, we were excited to welcome our first class of female students in 2021.

St. Thomas More School Graduation Ceremony

STM at a Glance

A 10:1 student-teacher ratio, rich selection of extra-curricular activities, lush 100-acre campus, and dedicated live-in faculty give STM student a distinct academic advantage.

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Our History

In 1962, James F. Hanrahan opened St. Thomas More to provide a close-knit, unique academic experience for boarding school students. The overarching objective was simple: each student would receive a multifaceted, heightened level of attention with zero contingency on past performance. Through developing a school that prioritizes inclusivity, he created a community that emphasizes individual effort, presents additional opportunity, and offers unwavering support – mentally, emotionally, academically, and athletically. Today, we continue to build on the pillars that our founder sculpted – moving forward with values so central to St. Thomas More’s identity – in order to further enrich young people around the world.


St. Thomas More School

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